An MCH Literary Journal



Chaicopy blends the creativity of the numerous conversations had over chai with the thought-provoking discussions brewed over coffee. Launched in 2017 at the small town of Manipal (where both chai and coffee are a necessity), Chaicopy seeks to draw out the voices, imagination and ideas of writers, artists, photographers – creative people in general, really – whose works attempt to capture elements of Indian perspectives, whether it be an outsider looking in, a lost urban youth, or any other member of the myriad entities that construct an Indian perspective both from the inside and the out.

A bi-annual publication of Manipal Centre for Humanities, Chaicopy publishes work that both creates and challenges these diverse perspectives . Each issue of the literary journal will be divided into ‘Chai Expressions‘, which feature Poetry, Short Fiction and Flash Fiction; and ‘Kaapi Sessions‘, which feature Creative Non-Fiction, Photo Essays and Visual Art.